About Us

In the past, traditional Iranian urban planning was different from how it is now.people used public places such as mosques, squares and… to gather, meet and interact. After all, these places became spaces for socializing. But today, these spaces have given way to other places such as cafes. Spaces that function between private and public access, a third place other than home or work, which adds quality to life and creates a space to talk, interact and work and …

Sam Coffee Roasters started activities in November 2009 and have always tried to have a unique point of view in order to turn this view into culture and behavior.

At Sam Cafe, we have tried to take a new look at cafes and spaces created based on coffee, but Sam Cafe is not just about coffee. We believe that we have guests and audiences, and not just customers.. Everyday we welcome any idea that helps us get better and improve. we always try to keep our quality high enough, quality is not just about our products, in our opinion, Quality is a way bigger concept. Originality means more to us than antiquity. We look at the past and traditions deeply, but future is what we can’t stop watching. It is important for us that everything must be “designed”. We try to pay attention to all details and solve all problems in the best way possible.

Coffee houses and cafes are the results of civilization, urbanization, and innovative and free thinking communities. Meeting in places like coffee houses, cafes and buffets is about getting information and news, it is for asking and knowing, it is for learning and understanding. An atmosphere full of joy, fun and games of course. A place to forget sorrows, to grieve with a sad friend and to get rid of tiredness and sadness.

Before mass medias show up, religious gatherings, traditional games and ancient narrations were all considered as opportunities to have social communication. Even after the advent of the newspapers, educated people read the news aloud, and after the advent of radio and television, receiving news in the presence of people was considered as a sign of the strength of social relations.

Drinking tea, coffee or any other beverage, in addition to all its benefits, are some excuses for gathering, social relations and a chance to express collective emotions, making friends, covenant and empathy. The image of old Iranian coffee houses and cafes can be found in historical photographs and movies and in the novels of great authors, each of them has told a story about cafes and cafeterias and social buildings of their time, about drinking and also social relations. If the coffee house and cafe are not the place where many historical events have taken place, they are the place of narration and conspiracy of most historical events for sure, no matter what town or city we’re talking about.

At Sam Cafe we try to make our community a safer place and believe that security is the result of quality stability. We look for quality in as a crucial term and believe that our value is to make quality available. A quality that transforms lifestyles, and provides the best for the best. For those who know the value of this quality well. In other words, the real deal-for real people. Knowledge is power and it is very important for us to know more, keep searching and welcome any idea that helps us get better. We build the path ahead to be known as a pioneer.

Our strength in Sam Cafe comes from our responsibility and leadership. Our solution is a creative one. We enjoy our work while doing it and seek a pleasurable experience for ourselves and others. We do not do anything unless we do it completely. we are very interested in our work and we act bravely. There’s no loser in our solution, We are looking for a win-win result.

What makes us feel successful in long term?

If we can create a lasting and influential value in society or culture and have more authority in our superiority. If we can transform methods and lead this transformation and when we can Change the position of our job in society by doing it professionally and correctly. There’s always a better way to do things, let’s discover them. We are responsible for who helped us to help them live a better life. Creating a strong and new communication network and strengthening our connection with each other, the audience and other groups with whom we share our concerns.

  • The worst thing that can happen to us is to offer a product or service only to get more money and revenue. This takes us away from our focus on quality and uniqueness. Our product and commitment must always be the way we have planned for.
  • We must never let ourselves lose our uniqueness or the impact on those who follow us.
  • The day when we are selfish and ignore others or the day when our audience does not like us is our bad day.
  • We should always try not to get caught up in everyday life or lose focus on our work and innovation by engaging in unusual or ambiguous issues.
  • On the next steps, we are worried about our competitors and we also know that in the competition, we must take a look behind us to keep the distance!
  • Everything is planned at Sam Cafe but we are not going to look too organized, we should always be flexible and available to our audience.
  • It is always possible for everyone to fall, or close, but it’s not what we think about when we start our day.

Our favorite person to work with is a passionate person who has the ability to harmonize with our perspectives.
Someone who goes beyond his duty. He is always punctual, loyal and reliable and can be counted on. Someone who has tremendous power to innovate and create new things.

We have our own methods to rich success. We always look at our goal and pursue it and keep planning for it. What matters the most to us is effective leadership. The path to success begins with effective leaders and continues with the employees. In order to be successful, we have no choice but to stay strong. We must always be innovative. Innovation must always be the first thing coming to our minds.
We believe that there’s only one rule and that is to do everything as it should be and we’re sure we’re going to see the result. The momentary and hasty decision takes us off our path. But it is important to make quick decisions and react, as we face new and unpredictable situations. Whether in our favor to accelerate the path to success, or to slow down, to control the challenges that may harm us.

We pay for Sam Cafe. If any capital is added to us, first of all, we study extensively and comprehensively to make our decisions and see the different aspects and potential benefits and challenges. To gain more market share and more serious competition, direct inflow of capital into the business to develop infrastructure and sales and human resources is one of our main strategies. It is important for us to cooperate and have a more coordinated and specialized team and effective communication between team members, and we know that this requires individual and organizational training and development, and of course costs.