About Coffee

Coffee Processing Methods – Drying, Washing or Honey?

12 September, 2022 14:13

Processing coffee so separating the coffee cherry’s fruit flesh and skin from the coffee beans is one of the most crucial aspects of farming coffee. How to coffee is processed can have a dramatic effect on the resulting cup and nowadays roasters and baristas are concentrating on coffee processing to describe the coffee. Also, lately […]

The Basics of Coffee Processing

10 September, 2022 18:57

What happens after the fruit is picked and before it arrives in our roastery We often talk about cultivar or region affecting the way a coffee tastes, but equally important is the way that a coffee is processed. Two techniques—natural (or dry) processing and washed (or wet) processing—turn ripe coffee cherry into green coffee that’s […]

Understanding green coffee: from seed to bean

13 August, 2022 18:58

Before becoming roasters, all we had to do is pick and buy our favorite finished product from other local companies (just as restaurants do with wine or beer). Now, there are some added layers of complexity to our day-to-day business, but this allows us to “design” each coffee just the way we want them.   […]

Third Place

10 August, 2022 15:48

Ray Oldenburg is an urban sociologist who writes about the importance of informal public gathering places; Third Places. Throughout his work, and particularly in his book Celebrating The Third Place (2000), Oldenburg identifies “third places” as the public places on neutral ground where people can gather and interact. The phrase ‘third places’ derives from considering our homes to […]

What happens in a coffee farm?

2 August, 2022 18:59

Coffee bean’s journey from a nursery to green coffee Have you ever wondered what happens in a coffee farm before the beans are roasted by a coffee roastery? Coffee farms come in different sizes and all have different methods of farming and processing but here is one example from Nyeri, Kenya. Coffee tree are grown […]

How Does a Coffee Cherry Taste Like ?

24 July, 2022 18:00

Have you ever wondered how does a coffee cherry tastes like? Is the coffee cherry similar to roasted coffee at all? Wonder no more! We will tell you all about the flavor of coffee cherry and how it should be eaten. Since the aromas in coffee develop only when roasting the beans, the answer is no: the […]

What is Terroir® Coffee?

3 June, 2022 18:29

What is Terroir® Coffee? Put most simply, terroir, pronounced like reservoir, is a taste of “place.” It is a unique French term (Terre – earth) reflecting reverence for the land and traditionally applied to wine – and now to many agricultural products such as olive oil, cheeses, liquors and honey. A food or drink that […]

How Much is Sweet?

9 January, 2022 10:40

The sweetness in coffee comes from saccharides, better known as carbohydrates. Saccharides relevant to coffee are mono and disaccharides. The monosaccharides are composed of glucose and fructose, with the disaccharides made up of sucrose. The roasting process brings about a significant degradation of sucrose content in coffee beans with scientific literature reporting numbers ranging from up to 97-99% degradation of sugars. (Refer to page […]

How Much Is Bitter?

9 January, 2022 10:34

Caffeine averages 1.2% of the total green (unroasted) bean weight of arabica coffee and it tastes bitter. Caffeine is very resistant to the roasting process and undergoes minimal degradation. “There are only negligible losses of caffeine in the roasting process” (W. Heilmann, Coffee: Recent Developments) So considering a typical weight loss of a roast might be around 14% […]

About the importance of work and the great importance of play.

9 October, 2021 12:03

The fact that a concept such as work-life balance is a familiar phrase in our everyday conversations and it is mentioned in many contents related to work, human resource and even psychology is a great reason to show the importance of work and great importance of play in our everyday routine, With such importance competing […]

Third Wave Coffee

2 October, 2021 12:04

Third Wave Coffee General knowledge / 10 minutes read The term “third wave coffee” was first coined by Trish Rothgeb in November 2002, dating back to the 1970s and 1990s movements in the United States. Along with the United States, changes took the coffee industry to a new level in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and […]

Second Wave Coffee

11 September, 2021 14:04

  Second Wave Coffee General knowledge / 8 minutes read The second wave of coffee came to life in the 1970s, a century after the first wave officially began. At this time, with the rise of coffee consumption and public awareness of the properties of these magic beans, consumers were dissatisfied with the unpleasant taste […]

First wave coffee

5 September, 2021 13:18

General knowledge /8 minutes read In the last two centuries, coffee has become one of the essential commodities of every household. Today, coffee is the second most popular beverage in the world after water. In world trade, after oil, it is the second most traded commodity and has defined itself as the mainstay of the […]

Just a few minutes of milk foam

1 May, 2020 14:24

If you leave a latte for a few minutes on the countertop, sometimes the foam starts to break up — but sometimes it doesn’t. Why? No matter how long you’ve been slinging shots, sometimes a latte will go bubbly after pouring. If you’ve ever had to remake a coffee because it was sat on the […]