Our power at Sam café lies in our exclusive responsibility and leadership. Our solution is the creative one .we enjoy our works in progress and make it a pleasurable experience. We are enthusiastic and keen. We believe we should all win together; So we work hard for it and do it perfectly. Our main principle at Sam café is trust, which creates appropriate personal/ business development opportunities and new experience in a professional and dynamic environment. Continuing education and learning is welcomed as the primary way of development and investing in oneself and individuals. The prerequisite for business development is the individual built during organizational growth. Leading is our main feature. We are just eager for new ideas to create the path ahead of us. The way that keeps us ahead and consolidates and sustains our position among competitors.

An enthusiastic and passionate person who can harmonize with our perspectives is our favourite partner. Someone who goes beyond the duty, always trustworthy, loyal, punctual, and can count on. Someone who has tremendous power to innovate and solve problems. One who does confirm our values ​​and reaches a proper understanding of them. Respect is one of the fundamental values ​​of Sam café. Genuine respect that sees all people equal and gives them the best quality possible. Quality to create new perspectives and new lifestyles. From day one, we have strived for the quality of stability. This effort ultimately led us to create a safe environment for the hosts and people.

Sam café is not just about coffee. We make friendship and companionship during the process. Sam café working to generate a safe environment in the heart of the urban space to create a new and innovative experience in the design of a lifestyle. At Sam café, we endeavour to constitute unique experiences by working in a new and professional environment. An experience that leads us to personal development and illuminates the path of progress. One of our fundamental beliefs inSam café is human equality. We believe that “we all are Sam café .” This equality, along with the competitive atmosphere prepared for progress in the collection, makes the environment dynamic. The experience of working with young and motivated workers, along with diversity and equality, is a unique experience of lively work. Previous experience is not a priority for our company. We are trying to be just the leader. That’s why we owe it to ourselves to train and empower the standard build in our circuits. Our main priority in the Sam café system is to have caring people by our side who love to learn and improve. Those who esteem Sam café expand their level of knowledge.

At Sam café, we put Altruism ahead of everything else to create immunity. Personal responsibility is more important to us than anything else, and We also hold ourselves accountable to team members. The survival of Sam café is confirmed only by the security of the people in this environment. The security that we are obliged to provide in return for the quality of the members’ performance.

Join us!