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Sam Coffee Roasters

About us

Sam Coffee Roasters started activities in November 2012; At Sam Cafe, we have tried to take a new look at cafes and spaces created based on coffee, but Sam Cafe is not just about coffee. We believe that we have guests and audiences, and not just customers. Everyday we welcome any idea that helps us get better and improve. we always try to keep our quality high enough, quality is not just about our products, in our opinion, Quality is a way bigger concept. Originality means more to us than antiquity. We look at the past and traditions deeply, but future is what we can’t stop watching. It is important for us that everything must be “designed”. We try to pay attention to all details and solve all problems in the best way possible.
There are countless and unpredictably changing circumstances that can affect a brand. It is impossible to predict the future and arrive at predetermined solutions. It would seem that sometimes we should define our methods, principles, and values and look for capabilities in interpreting and using them rather than this exhausting and futile effort.
When we can be satisfied with the results that we have correctly defined the solutions to achieve the result; Concepts that can be generalized and expanded, can be interpreted and discussed, can be developed, can be transferred and can be taught.
Concepts as frequency, freshness, receptivity and consistency.

Being in the flow and going with it should be a constant for us.
A smooth, continuous flow that is so large that it cannot be seen; it never stops, and if it does, a better solution will take its place.
"We enjoy our work while doing it", both we and those around us find joy in our work.
Nothing stops at Sam Cafe unless there is a better solution.

We're not new, but we're looking for new ways to solve problems.
We are original; we do not grow old.
We have a routine but updated.

We welcome; welcome our guests, new ideas, growth, development, and all that is good.
We welcome any and all concerns.
Both new and old.

Being good isn't enough.
It is critical that we keep this up.
"Security is the result of quality stability."

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