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Sam Roastery is a part of our activities at Sam Coffee Roasters, with its primary mission being the production of high-quality coffee while maintaining a responsible supply chain.

This department began in the early years of our operations with roasting and processing coffee in Fereshteh space. Initially, sourcing green beans and processing and roasting them for the consumption of our spaces was the main priority of this team. Over time, as our collaborations have grown and our production capacity has expanded, a range of products under the name of "Sam Coffee" was added to the shelves of our spaces.

This department expanded its scope over the years to include quality control, research and development, and training as key activities.

Today, Sam Roastery is located in Sanaee space and acts as a comprehensive facility for coffee supply and production, as well as a center for training, development, and performance evaluation of Sam Coffee Roasters' baristas.

Furthermore, the department also handles the supply and production of coffee for other businesses, and our network of representatives is expanding across Iran. We're here to discuss coffee with you.

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