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About the importance of work and the great importance of play

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The fact that a concept such as work-life balance is a familiar phrase in our everyday conversations and it is mentioned in many contents related to work, human resource and even psychology is a great reason to show the importance of work and great importance of play in our everyday routine, with such importance competing with our life.

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What we should not be looking for is the precise and specific separation of work from our lives. It is as if we cannot put all our emotions, thoughts, worries, desire to be seen and seek satisfaction behind one door and take care of them after work. The reality is that we live a valuable part of our lives somewhere between work and life. If we work well, we will probably go a long way in living the right way and doing the right thing. Feeling we’re in the right place and doing the right thing not only makes us the best we can be, but it also helps us a lot to live a better life.

If we experience an atmosphere at work where we enjoy working at the same time and search for meaning in our work other than the achievements of daily work, we will probably be fortunate human beings. What is referred to in modern human resource studies as Meaning full work and the experience of flow. Work & Play is a blueprint between us at Sam Coffee Roasters, which reminds us that the most important thing to take care of is to work properly and enjoy working well. An experience to find meaning other than our daily tasks and a deeper look at work experience.

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Many of our coworkers at Sam Coffee Roasters work together in the best years of their lives and in their first serious work experience. People who may not be retired here. However, we love to work with them always. But they form an important part of their professional understanding of working with us and with each other. If we work and play, enjoy doing it, do our part in nurturing and deciding to do bigger things and more serious games, we probably reach the same meaning that goes beyond our daily routine.

So as important as it is to work properly, it is important to play seriously. This is Sam Coffee Roasters, a space for work & play.

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